Vanity…at my age?

I got my braces a few weeks ago and a ton of people have asked my why, at my age, I bothered (I am all of 37).  Lots of folks felt compelled to comment on my vanity and how foolish I am.  At first, I apologized, “Well, I just felt like I needed to keep my oral health in check”, and so on.  I quickly got tired of that and decided that, at my age, I don’t care.  If I want to be a little vain, by granny, that’s ok.  In reality, I am pretty vain,  but I got braces because I wanted my teeth to remain in my head into old age.  My front teeth are so crooked that the top teeth sometimes hit on the bottom teeth.  Eventually, that’s gonna leave a mark, as the kids say.  So, I decided to get braces both to save my teeth and to indulge my vanity.  Afterall, at my age,  why not?!

Ok, so I got to thinking about vanity and self esteem.  I think there is a fine line between being content with yourself and vanity.  Folks might argue that outward appearance doesn’t matter, that what’s on the inside is all that matters.  That’s a nice thought, but reality says that both matter, I think.  Of course, one can take it to extremes and that’s where it becomes vanity, in my opinion.  I am not sure that getting braces is about vanity.  Am I wrong?  (You can tell the truth..remember, I don’t care!)  Heck, I have had these crooked teeth for 37 years (minus my years in baby teeth)…I have grown bored of looking at myself.  The change will be good!

I have no real point in any of this rambling mess. Thanks for playing along like you care…it’s good for my vanity.  Speaking of vanity, I was walking across the parking lot the other day and saw a fantastic vanity plate on the back of an old car…


I sort of got a kick out of it.  Now that Warren, he’s the vain one!  Anyhow, it will show up in my blog header from time to time.  By the way, the header for this site changes every 10 minutes if you want to see other “versions” of the website.  You may have to refresh your browser once or twice to see it…

16 thoughts on “Vanity…at my age?

  1. Oh jeez. I heard it all when I had my braces on, too. I got em cuz I wanted to. There. Thats it.

    Im happy for you that you did it. And I just know that you will be happy when its all over!
    .-= frugalmom´s last blog ..Favorite things =-.

  2. Ha ha ha!! Your top teeth “hit on” your bottom teeth!! LOL Do they ever go out?!

    Hey, you don’t have to tell me about teeth and vanity…. I’m missing a front tooth from a bike accident when I was in fifth grade. Braces just pulled mine all together, but my front teeth don’t match since one of them is actually a lateral incisor (I looked this up, I didn’t know it offhand!). I’ve been a little self-conscious about it my whole life. I don’t know, though. No one seems to notice, and I recently read an article about rocking your flaws as your very own style statement. I like that idea. No one else looks like I do or has this exact issue. So, it’s all good, I think. Who needs vanity when you have individuality?!!
    .-= Amy Z´s last blog ..Sandra Lee is Pissing Me Off! =-.

  3. I cannot speak for everyone, but I think those of us who’ve gotten to know you through this blog love that playful, over-the-top “vain” streak in your personality. You’re a riot!! lol And good for you for doing what you want at your ripe ole age! 😉 Not everyone is so brave! 🙂
    .-= farm mom´s last blog ..Perspectives on Longevity =-.

  4. Tell people to mind their own stinking business…ughh people are stupid. Yes I’m in a mood, sorry. I think it great that you are taking care of your teeth. Besides your type of vanity makes me smile when I come here and if you become humble and boring I will be completely disappointed.

    Kim…who is off to find some happy pills, or happy tea…or just some chocolate!
    .-= the inadvertent farmer´s last blog ..Leisure Gardening…come stroll with me! =-.

  5. You always do tell me how lucky I am to have you! 🙂 (But I am not getting you vanity plates – so don’t even ask)

  6. We all want to look our best. Definitely not “vanity” at any age (or any gender). Interesting topic. Congrats on doing something that you’ve wanted to do for some time.

  7. Good for you. Get some pretty teeth. You have to look at them everyday so why not?
    Women spend a ton of money on hair, nails, and make up. So I can’t really say much.

    Are you still lifting weights? I had been hitting it pretty hard. I don’t know if you remember Roni. He had been giving some of us his routine. I have got some buff arms at least.

  8. My husband got braces at 35. His “overbite” was not noticeable to the average person but the dentist said that it was creating issues. After a couple of years of braces voila! not only does my husband have slightly straighter teeth but no jaw pain and no indention behind his upper teeth where the bottom ones were cutting into the skin. The dentist said he would have lost them by the time he was in his 50’s if he hadn’t gotten braces. Who would have figured—they looked straight.
    So…just tell people you want to have REAL teeth when your 50 and not fakes. That’s not vanity…that’s just plain old convenience when eating apples or sticky foods like honey 😀
    .-= Dancingfarmer´s last blog ..Cultivating Lifelong Learning =-.

  9. I am finally settling into how they feel in my mouth. It’s weird for sure but I can do it for a year or two or whatever…thanks to everyone btw!

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