The Stop Sign Artist of Charleston, WV

I like art.  Most of the time, I like pretty mainstream stuff, but can appreciate all sorts of things (I am flexible like that!).  Last July, someone in Charleston expressed their creativity on some stop signs in my neighborhood.  In my neighborhood, graffiti is almost unheard of so you can imagine the excitement I felt when I saw it.

No doubt, some of the more uppity folks were offended.  Our city is really great about cleaning off any graffiti that might show up.  I only captured one of the art pieces before they had cleaned everything up.  I was sort of sad.  Not in a “they’re defacing the Mona Lisa” sort of way, but I like clever stuff.

Now, I hate the idea of what traditional graffiti means…”We own this area” and the like.  That sort of thing makes me mad.  The seniors (and sometimes juniors) at the local highschool typically go around and paint their graduation year all over everything.  That makes me mad too because they are thoughtless and careless and their work is sloppy.  I really dislike that mindless defacement.  Anyhow, the stop sign graffiti was pretty clever though so I was sad that I didn’t get to enjoy it a little longer (and didn’t get to take pictures of it all).

Lo and behold, a week or so ago, the artist struck again!  With all of the rain (it’s pouring again today), I think the city is a bit slower to clean things up so I got pictures!  I don’t have anything particularly thoughtful to say other than, “Thanks, Stop Sign Artist of Charleston, WV.  I appreciate your work!”

But Stop Sign Artist, I do not think I am ready for this…I barely know you!

14 thoughts on “The Stop Sign Artist of Charleston, WV

  1. The graffiti on our Dead End sign was only profanity. I guess if we lived in a snootier neighborhood then we would get funnier things on our sign. I can think of a few ideas for Dead End …

  2. Haaaa! That last one really got me. There was a stop sign by a house I lived in a few years ago that said “hammertime” under the “stop.” I thought that was hilarious and clever!
    .-= Taylor´s last blog ..Victory! =-.

  3. hi warren!

    thanks for stopping by my blog.

    your stop sign artist is very creative! the last one is hilarious and so is “stop, drop, and roll” 🙂

    .-= 315thomas´s last blog ..philly falafel =-.

  4. That’s it…I’m not drinking tea when you are around anymore, I’m tired of wiping it off my computer darn it!

    I laughed so hard at that last photo I had to close it because me teenagers were becoming curious as to what mom found so funny…and as you know mom’s aren’t supposed to find this kind of thing funny! Kim
    .-= the inadvertent farmer´s last blog ..Friday Funnies =-.

  5. We have a similar artist around our town. “Don’t” STOP “Believin'” (a Journey fan, perhaps?). My mother in law grew up in a town called Orgas in Boone County. The Evil Twin told me the sign going into Orgas was almost permanently affixed with a “M” at the end.
    .-= Evil Twin’s Wife´s last blog ..IDK =-.

  6. You’re welcome, it was a friend of mine and I who decided to do a little bit of late night tagging.

  7. Our town had someone adding little red reflector buttons to the tips of the noses on all of the deer on the deer crossing signs. We had Rudolph crossing signs instead.
    .-= Caprilis´s last blog ..A Late Night Visit =-.

  8. I found a few more signs that were tagged. I’ll try to get them posted sometime. It’s clever and cool but, for all you kids out there, tagging is bad m’kay?

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