The birds and the bees

We were riding in the man-van the other day and, out of the blue, Isaac asked me for the definition of sex.  Well, I knew it was coming but I wasn’t sure when it would present itself.  I am not timid about telling him what I know (which may not take too long) but I didn’t want to tell him anything that was not age-appropriate.

I started by asking where he heard the word.  He said, “I think I heard it at summer camp from some of my friends.”  Dang, I wanted my kid to be the one to share stuff with friends so that they had to talk with their parents.  “Well, Isaac, sex can mean boy or girl.”  He replied, “Yeah Dad, I know that one.”

He has started to hear boys talk about girls being cute or hot so I tried that route, “Sometimes, when people get older, they say that someone who is cute is sexy.”  Of course, he was familiar with that one too.  I guess now is the time to spill my guts.

“Isaac, sex can also mean when a mom and a dad get together and make a baby.”  We went into a number of age-appropriate details and he seemed genuinely interested.  At the end however, he said, “That’s interesting Dad, but that’s not the definition I needed either.  I guess I’ll just go look it up in the dictionary.”  I tried my very hardest not to laugh out loud but that’s good stuff!

It turns out that we were listening to a station on xm radio, our satellite radio provider.  For some reason, one of the DJs said something like, “…and next on sex-m radio…” Isaac heard that and thought there must be another definition for sex.  And I signed up for xm originally because there were no DJs…

12 thoughts on “The birds and the bees

  1. Too funny! Nice try on the definition. Lily is already talking about kissing boys. Some boy put one on her by the cubby hole a school last year. I told her she should hit those boys when they try to kiss her but I think she liked this boy. I guess I should be prepared when she drops the same question on me.

  2. We also had a talk with Isaac about how he needed to let his friends go to their parents for the definition of sex. I don’t want to get a call from the school saying that Isaac has been educating the class about certain terms!

  3. Hahaha…I wish I could say that you are done but I just reminded my 23 year old son that abstinence it the only 100% guarenteed birth control! I can’t wait till the big ones are all married and I no longer have to have ‘these talks’ with them! Kim
    .-= inadvertent farmer´s last blog ..Peace Offering =-.

  4. Loretta – so she’s like you? Kissing boys?

    Emily – I sort of do want him to be the source of all knowledge!

    YD – funny but none of our dictionaries has the ‘s’ section anymore…

    farm mom – It was on a regular “today’s music’ station…I hate DJs on xm…

    don – you’ve been awfully busy! Glad you dropped by…

    Russ – the diversion may be a good idea! I need to branch out and find new bells!

    Kim – I think we are just beginning to come into “the knowledge”. I am pretty sure I will be out of information before he gets to 23 though!

  5. Capri Kel – I guess it’s coming…he’ll be able to teach me so much!

    Tipper – I know!!!

    Farmgirl_dk – They are both pretty sharp and that terrifies me just a little. I think we are definitely entering into an interesting time and it will surely be an age of enlightenment…probably more on my part than I am ready for!

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