Symphony Sunday

The WV Symphony is based here in Charleston and is really first class.  As a part of their community outreach, they hold Symphony Sunday each year at the University of Charleston.  The university is situated on a beautiful campus along the Kanawha River directly across the WV State Capitol.

(Note my artistic shadow on the poster…uh…I meant to do that)

The symphony sets up on a stage at one end of the green the rest of the area fills with people and vendors (classy stuff mostly) and activities for the kids.  Symphony Sunday is really an all day event where local children’s orchestras and community ensembles get an opportunity to perform. There are kids’ activities all day long and it’s a great family affair.  They have special dinners and brunches and so on leading up to the event.

So, “the event” is the evening performance of the WV Symphony followed by a fireworks show.  This year, the theme of the event was “A Pirate’s Symphony”.  Mostly, the performance was comprised of music that sounds like it would be good in a pirate movie…you know eerie stuff that shivers yer timbers and makes you yell “Arrrrrgh”. Indeed, I had a strange craving for rum all evening.  Anyhow, there was one funny song that made me laugh when it began.  They started the song, “Holding out for a Hero“.  Emily asked what movie it came from and I said, “Footloose”.  The kids both immediately chimed in, “Shrek”.  Huh…yup, I guess so.  But I knew the real right answer!

Anyhow, the kids got some ice cream and completely enjoyed the frozen joy from ear to ear!  We sat along the river eating ice cream and talking and listening to the music.  A regular armada of boats anchored in the river and also enjoyed the music.  We dreamed about pirates and the looming attack from all the “ships” waiting to send their crew to land.  It was a perfect night and we had a tremendous time.

Finally, at around 10 o’clock, the barge from which they launch the fireworks moved to the middle of the river as the final songs started.  We watched and waited, not sure which point in the final number would signal the launch.  We had an unimpeded view of the men in the cage on the barge controlling the launch.  As “Stars and Stripes” got midway through, the fireworks kicked off and we were delighted by the sight!  It was magnificent!

So, summer is officially here and we are ready!  Do you have some similar event that you enjoy that signals summer at your place?

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  1. Back before you were born Mom and I used to go into D.C. to either the Jefferson or Washington monuments, took a blanket and layed on the ground listened to the music and watched the fireworks, as you said a great time. Dad

  2. Great pics. Sounds like it was really fun.

    Lily is having her last baseball game today. I guess that will signal summer for us. I’ll be glad that it is over but at the same time I have enjoyed watching her.

  3. The last day of school was usually about May 25th and we all took off swimming in the Tionesta Creek (ice cold). Of course the beach wasn’t opened yet so we went behind LeAnn Dunkle’s house to get in the water. Shocked us into summer. Water never really did warm up all summer because the water was coming off the bottom of the dam.

  4. We had more rain yesterday but it is supposed to be hot again so it FINALLY feels like summer to me…I love summer….

  5. Funny about the Footloose/Shrek thing! I remember thinking my own parents had made up the song “Jeremiah Crawfish Pie Filly Gumbo.” My dad couldn’t believe it when at 24 I found out it was Hank Williams Sr. After I expressed shock his exact words were, “Oh No, we’ve raised our kids all wrong!”

    Lynnie’s last blog post..Christina Katerina and the Box

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