Original Gangsters

We went to PA last weekend to visit my family and it was actually warm there. It’s rare that we go to PA and not find snow…regardless of the season. Anyhow, we went and my Mom had bought a few squirt guns for the kids. I’ll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves…but notice that Isaac is often on the run from his sister…that’s gonna haunt him later!

(Is she bad a$$ or what?!)

(the only time they worked together was to refill…and to attack me!)

(this one scares me a little)

(yeah…I am hit!)

Of course, back in WV is raining cats and dogs…and cows and sheep and goats.  We’ve had so much rain and so many bad floods nearby that I think we are due a little more squirt gun sort of weather!

10 thoughts on “Original Gangsters

  1. “Warm” weather is a very subjective term. You’ll notice I was not in the pictures because I inside. I had my sweatshirt on and I was still cold! The kids had a blast though. They must have enough yankee blood in them to not mind the cooler weather.

  2. Shoot, I don’t know if I still have enough Yankee blood in me! But yes, warm up there is indeed relative! Maybe the kids are crazy…they get that from your side!

  3. Water guns are so much fun. I bought Lily one a few weeks ago. I don’t think she understands ‘Hey don’t shoot me I don’t want to get wet’.

    Today it has been raining on and off but the other days it has been 80 degrees. Lily went swimming at the grandparents house yesterday. I had to go to work of course.

  4. We want to come play too… 😉
    Looks like you guys were having fun.

    Dora Renee’ Wilkerson

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