I am tired…but I have raspberries

I am tired.  I get plenty of sleep most days but my tired is a little more than that I think.  I am tired of running.  I am not one to usually chase after stuff so that’s not really it either.  I don’t know what it’s all about (aside from maybe I am crazy), but I am tired.

So, for awhile, I am going to take pictures of simple things that make me not-tired.  Kim over at Achorn Farm is who made me realize that simple stuff is the best stuff.  I’d love to hear if you have stuff that makes you not tired…

Anyhow, we have raspberries now!  They are really starting to give the berries and Abigail loves to pick them and feed them all to me.  Fortunately, I can eat raspberries all day long!

So, here is a simple thing that makes me un-tired…

14 thoughts on “I am tired…but I have raspberries

  1. It must still be a little cool there. I see Abigail is still wearing her jacket. It has been like 80-90 here.

    I guess anytime Lily asks me to play or race most of the time I get un-tired.

    I got a pic of Lily I want to send to your email.

  2. I would like some of those raspberries. Ours won’t be ready until some time in July. Can’t wait.

  3. I hear ya on the tired thing! My raspberries are still all green… you must have the early kind. My blue berries are coming on though… had to put a net over them to keep the mockingbirds from eating all of them.

    Caprilis’s last blog post..Sumo-Frogs

  4. You have an interesting site…just happened upon it while trying to identify a very pretty black and yellow moth. Loved the post on maple syrup- favorite memory of mine: sneaking down into my Grandmother’s root cellar, opening the mason jar and sneaking some of her maple syrup… I always wondered if I put the jar lid on tight enough or if she knew! You’re right- nothing like the awful stuff form the store! In my part of WV we’ve missed the big storms- we could do with a few days of dry weather!

  5. Hope the tiredness goes away! Don’t try extra coffee. It sure didn’t work for me. I am bone-tired most days myself but I know full well it’s because of the garden. My poor unused muscles are being put to the test. But the raspberries sure look yummy!

    Lynnie’s last blog post..Christina Katerina and the Box

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