Babies having babies

Spring is such a cool time.  I have been looking for simple things that sort of calm the spirit and this spring has brought us babies…we are overrun with stray cats.  Two mother cats have had kittens this year (so far) so we now have 8-9 more cats added to the zoo.  They can be a nuisance I suppose but kittens bouncing around and tumbling with each other is pure and simple joy for me.

But Momma cat is pretty young herself.  She’s still a baby really.  Didn’t her mother teach her any better?  Sheesh, what is the world coming to?  Well, she did make cute babies though they and the mother are completely wild.

Family of deer

Last year we got to see a new born fawn amble down through the yard.  It happened similarly again this year.  Yesterday, I saw a new fawn and its mother in the yard.  This one was not as new as last year’s fawn but it was tiny….more babies around my house and I smiled again.  I love spring and baby animals and green grass and puffy clouds…

How’s your zoo looking this year?

10 thoughts on “Babies having babies

  1. We have RABBITS! There are two rabbits that i think have some babies around the bushes around our house. If we come home at night we frequently see the two of them eating the clover in our back yard. We don’t have many trees and considering how close the houses are built together I don’t see any deer making making their way through here. That is really neat that you got to see them so close.

    I used to have so much fun playing with the little kittens that we had at my mom and dad’s house. I think I told you the stories about seeing how they swim. Too funny!

  2. We have a bear but it hasn’t hit the bird feeders yet this year. Haven’t seen the turkeys yet this year either. We had a raccoon on the porch the other night.

  3. We usually have baby birds in our bird house this time of year also. I’m afraid the influx of cats caused them to choose to nest elsewhere this year.

  4. We have too many babies. It’s nice to have them around, but honestly the chicks (now huge) follow me around as though I am their mother. It is hard to get anywhere fast with 50 chickens forming a ring around you at all times.
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  5. You KNOW, that is partly how Schmenky got so many kitteh’s. She brought the 3 babies of 2 of her outside cats INSIDE!
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  6. The kittens are so cute…it IS a good thing they are completely wild. But I do NOT have baby fever…believe me. It’s amazing for living in the city limits how many critters we get. Of course, it’s not a huge city but still…

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