Yeah, I eat salad…what of it?

So, anyone that knows me pretty much knows that I am a meat and potatoes and sugar kind of guy.  But lately, we have been trying to eat healthier.  Yeah, I lost a bet, and since my head was already shaved, there was only one good bet left.  So here I am trying to eat better.  So a few weeks ago, I talked about 7 layer salad. Some may argue that it is not super healthy…but it has lettuce and spinach in it so get off my back already…it’s salad!

We discovered another salad that I sort of dig too.  Well, really, lettuce is only the dressing-delivery-vehicle, but I’d rather have a corvette than a chevette as vehicles go.  Wait, I am talking about lettuce here.  Ok, so I do not like ice berg lettuce.  I like the funky expensive spring and summer mix greens if you are buying bagged salad.  Of course, if you grow your own, so much the better.  Anyhow, I throw a bunch of greens in a bowl and add unreasonably sized handfuls of walnuts, craisins, and gorgonzola cheese (feta or bleu cheese work also).  Sometimes I add sunflower seeds and if I’ve had too much to drink, raisins.

thumbs up
These guys ate my salad…

So all that stuff looks pretty and may be enough to trick most guys into eating a bowl of salad.  Of course, I am not most guys.  My Dad always told me I was special…and that one day, if I worked very hard, I could be useful as a clamp or maybe I could be the guy who holds the tape measure on the dumb end.  Anyhow, it takes a bit more than some pretty craisins or a few seeds to get me to eat salad.  No, no, I need dressing.  A friend shared this secret recipe with us and, so long as you promise not to tell anyone, I will share it with you.  Ok, ready?  Here is the dressing:

2/3 cup olive oil
1/3 cup balsamic vinegar
1-2 Tbsp sweet hot mustard
1-2 Tbsp honey mustard
2-3 Tbsp honey
1-3 Tbsp sugar (to taste)

We mix all this in a pint jar and store in the refrigerator.  Let it warm before serving of course…it looks very dark because of the vinegar but I love this stuff…probably because of the vinegar!

11 thoughts on “Yeah, I eat salad…what of it?

  1. My dad told me I could pick up the tobacco off the ground and hand it too him. I was that important!

    I’ll have to try the dressing. I am the only one that eats salad at home. I don’t eat it very often either. So it usually goes bad.

    We just got a Wii fit this weekend so I have been working on my balance. I just like playing the games. It is a lot of fun.

  2. I’m not a salad person but this dressing makes all the difference. It doesn’t look very pretty but it tastes sooooo good.

  3. All of your toppings sound healthy to me. Eating some fat with the veggies helps your body absorb the nutrients.

    We’ve been eating tons of salad, tis the season. We’re currently enjoying, homegrown spinach & lettuce mixed with wild garlic mustard and dandelion greens with a homemade balsamic dressing. We usually top with feta cheese and toasted pine nuts, occationally some dried cranberries as well – YUM.

    Chiot’s Run’s last blog post..In the Garden: Inside and Out

  4. Well your salad is making my rabbits drool. Nothing is more pathetic than a stomach growling,drooling bunny!
    However I will serve theirs without the dressing.

  5. Loretta – wow! you were important! I am not one for salad usually but I like this stuff. I usually don’t measure the ingredients too much so I get a new surprise every time!

    Erica & YD – bleu cheese is awesome too…you can’t really go wrong with cheese though, in my opinion!

    Emily – you’re the source of this salad really…

    freckles – I am getting like that…I prefer homemade dressing any day!

    Kris – yum! dandelions are surely popping too!

    chiot’s run – Your salad is much like mine then…except you have such a variety of greens! Nice!

    Dora Renee – sorry….yeah, not really!

    ETW – you need to snack more! I play a doctor on tv and I have found that it often cures what ails you!

    GW – poor poor bunnies! Gonna miss out on the dressing too….so sad!

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