Wound up, dressed up, wound up

Easter came to our house this weekend and was a lot of fun for all of us.  Saturday night, the Easter Bunny came to visit and made a mess of things, spilling 2 boxes of Nerds candy all over the table near the Easter baskets.  I hated the idea of the poor bunny cleaning up such a mess all on his own, so I pitched in and helped him by eating every last bit of the evidence I could find!  Needless to say, I was a bit wound up!  Some people scorn the power of nerds but they are one of my favorite candies (the Easter Bunny is so smart!) and always make me feel like a kid (moreso than usual!)  I was up waaaay too late, but I felt great!

The kids actually slept in on Sunday and didn’t come downstairs until 7:30. They had colored eggs the day before with their grandparents, but Isaac and Abigail were very interested in their other baskets!  

Their baskets from the Easter Bunny were incredibly full of sugary goodness and kid fuel (he didn’t spill all of the candy)!  Buried in each basket was a new game for their Nintendo DSs.  Normally, that is enough for them not to care about anything else, but they spied eggs hiddn throughout the living room and started another “feeding”  frenzy. High and low they looked until they had cleared out the place!

Emily’s folks had gotten the kids some new Easter clothes so we all got gussied up and headed to church.  We were terribly pretty as usual and looked so springy!  I felt not unlike a cadbury egg, myself (having ingested 8 in a 24 hour period) as I let out a “cluck” or two.

We ate lunch at Emily’s aunt and uncle’s place where we had a heaping pile of food (protein was good as we desperately needed to counteract the sugar in me, mainly, but also the kids).  For dessert, we had carrot cake which, at first, didn’t make sense to me until I thought about what bunnies eat…carrots!  Ah…I get carrot cake now!  Anyhow, we played croquet and hid more eggs and had a great time messing around in the beautiful sun!

10 thoughts on “Wound up, dressed up, wound up

  1. On friday some tornados hit murfreesboro. Fortunately it wasn’t close to our neighborhood. I think the worst was in the blackman area (south m’boro). They showed some shots from a helicopter and it looked like some of the houses just exploded. I was just thankful to still have a home.

    Lily got to go easter egg hunting twice on Saturday. She so desparately wanted to wear her dress she was crying on the way to the first egg hunt. She had about 100 eggs. The rest of the afternoon we took turns hiding/hunting the eggs again.

  2. Great family pic guys. Glad you guys had a great Easter. Can I just say that Isaac so rocks those sunglasses too? Too Cute! 🙂

    farm mom’s last blog post..An Honor

  3. What a wonderful Wint, erm, I mean Easter pic! My son is on Easter Break this week and so far, the weather forecast is more of the cold and yuck. 20 more days ’til I’m in Orlando, though. I think I can make it. Maybe when we return, it’ll be Spring here finally? 🙂

    Evil Twin’s Wife’s last blog post..Easter Weekend

  4. I really dig your kids’ snazzy clothes! Good job, grandparents! That’s also a great shot of your daughter really giving that box of candy the old bottoms up!

    Lynnie’s last blog post..Easter Eggs

  5. Loretta – I heard about the tornadoes…you don’t kow how much I don’t miss all that action! Glad to hear that you folks were safe though…

    Capri Kel & Farm mom – thanks!

    Chiot’s run – where I grew up in PA, I remember many Easters with snow on the ground…no thanks!

    ETW – I hope we get spring soon…on my word am I ready!

    Lynnie – she made me proud! Eyes closed, head back…perfect!

    Kris Bair – welll…debatable, but I love wearing shorts!

    Erica – they had a lot of fun, mush to their mother’s dismay!

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