Cow on wheels?

A coworker of mine (actually, the founder of our company) is an excellent, though atypical skateboarder.  He’s been at it for many years and has a lot of great skills and some really nice scars to show for his efforts.  Recently, he has gotten me into skateboarding too.  After a number of really nasty days here in WV, yesterday was absolutely beautiful.  We cut out of work a couple of hours early and headed to Coonskin Park where there is a great skate park.

We got there and there were a number of teenagers.  It’s funny, as I thought about it.  Skateboarders are typically considered punks and maybe even criminals.  To be sure, I saw kids who needed a shave, kids with tattoos and long hair.  Some of them cussed and most of them were show-offs.  

But I also saw older kids helping younger kids learn new moves, I saw people gather around to help when one boy fell and hurt his leg.  I saw a boy trying to teach his new girlfriend learn to skate.  There was plenty of clowning around and tons of good clean fun. These were really great kids who aren’t much different than I was when I was a teenager.  Really, they are not much different than I am right now when I think of it.

Anyhow, I am gaining a new respect for skaters.  These folks were decent kids who wanted to have a thrill, to show off and to hang out with friends.  They were not stoned or drunk or any of those things that people often associate with skaters.  They were a lot of fun and my pleasure to hang with.

I think the funniest thing I saw was the guy in the cow suit.  He was a great sport and an awesome skater.  One of the younger kids asked him why he was wearing a cow suit.  His reply was, “to get the ladies”.  The younger kid just shrugged and said, “Oh..I get that.”

12 thoughts on “Cow on wheels?

  1. Oh My Gosh, If there had been a guy in a cow suit skateboarding when I was in high school……well, let’s just say that my dear husband of today wouldn’t have stood a chance!

    Lynnie’s last blog post..Easter Eggs

  2. I’ve always had a “thing” for skaters. Glad you finally became one. No need for the cow suit though – you’ve already “got” me.

  3. Great pics! Thanks for the skate session. You were awesome! I can’t believe you didn’t fall, though. Even the cow fell.

  4. My son skateboarded when he was a teen, and I think that kept him focused and out of trouble, but he did run into that negative attitude from others. Be careful out there, but what fun!

    Deb’s last blog post..Eggs

  5. Lynnie & Farm mom – You two are bad!

    YD – I’ll get some video sometime. It’s a lot of fun! I got a lot of learning to do, but I am getting much better already

    GW – if I ever get some skills, I will definitely have something ridiculous to wear…it’s all about drawing attention afterall!

    Freckles – I laughed out loud at the kids…it was just so funny to hear a cow…a dude with udders saying he was trying to get the ladies…it was too much!

    Emily – I’m only doing it for you. But now you gotta be my biker chick!

    Caprilis – that’s genius!

    ETW – I guess it’s like everything…a few bad ones give everyone a bad name. These folks and every kid I have met there has been fine

    Kim – I don’t know how I missed skateboarding as a kid…no one around me ever did it. Cool that MM did!

    Ken – I keep my udders tapped up…they were throwing him off balance!

    Deb – I think that as an adult, I may miss some of the stuff with the law running me off of places…though I won’t likely be skating late or anywhere interesting. Still, it is a lot of fun!

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