My new friend over at Such Lovely Freckles gave me an award.  Part of the award is to list 7 things that I love.  For me, that part is easy!

1.  I love caramel cream candies…you know, the white sugar in the middle surrounded by caramel.  My aunt and uncle used to keep those around and my brother and I would eat every last one they had out.  As an adult, I am only slightly more restrained around caramel creams

2.  I love daffodils.  Spring finally feels like it is “here” when I see the first daffodil blooms.  I hate winter with a passion so spring is such a delight!  It means bees and garden and being outside all day.

3.  I love staying up too late doing nothing.  I get sort of dreamy at night.  I stop analyzing my day and just think of life as it should be or could be.

4.  I love big mouthed women…explanation here .  I love all sorts of music and variety is a must! 

5.  I love keeping bees – I sort of got into beekeeping by accident but I am absolutely hooked on it now.  It is primitive and simple and old fashioned and appeals to me for all of those reasons and more.

6.  I love the ocean.  We go to the beach for vacation.  “If it ain’t the beach, it ain’t vacation”  We go as often as we can and have been to several beaches but our favorites are in NC and GA (where we go is a secret since they are still uncrowded)

7.  I love meeting new friends in blogspace.  I have met a lot of great and fun people and have enjoyed…truly enjoyed…getting to know several much better.  I never dreamed how important blog reading and writing has become to my getting through the dreaded winter blahs!

Over at Such Lovely Freckles:, she mentioned that she gave me the award, “because he’s a guy, and I never gave an award to a guy. Plus I like his tomato picture. I love tomatoes.” Just for you…here is a tomato picture! Thanks for the award!

Behold...the tomato!

11 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. Oh my gosh, that is one very cool tomato. 🙂
    I grew up in a family of tomato lovers. My grandparents would come over to our house with large baskets full of tomatoes. Then my parents started growing them, and now I grow them too. I love tomatoes!

    Oh, and you’re quite welcome.

    suchlovelyfreckles’s last blog post..Writing a book is hard work…

  2. Speaking of a tomato… have you started your garden seeds yet? We just started out last week. Come on spring!!

  3. Alright ta heck with the tomato; I want a bottle of that honey in your header! It simply isn’t right for you to have that many…LOL

    p.s. Don’t send any to “farm mom” for she will mix it with whiskey in the bath tub…LMAO

  4. freckles – we started a bunch of tomato seeds so we’ll be covered up before long!

    farm mom – I think you need a country music education!

    Kim – you should definitely get bees! It’s a lot of fun and not sooo much work

    Farmgirl_dk – thank you for sticking up for country music…farm mom is in desperate need of music appreciation!

    don – seems like there is plenty of equipment laying should try it! I love taking bees to schools…it’s always a huge hit!

    Traci – I hear you! Come on Spring! We started a bunch of seeds this weekend! I can’t wait!

    St. Fairsted Farm – I am about out of honey now! I sold 4 bottles last night. I have maybe 15 or so left. August is a long ways off too! Now I have heard of a milk bath, but a honey/whiskey bath…VERY interesting!

    Capri Kel – I dig all sorts of music including country but I count JC/JC songs as among the best…and that one I linked cracks me up every time I hear it!

  5. St. Fairsted Farm – I forgot to mention…the header image changes every 15 minutes or so…but you might have to hit “refresh” on your browser if you want to see the change…just fyi

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