Daily Archives: March 16, 2009

We did it again…again

We went to my hometown, Tionesta, PA, this weekend.  It’s a wee little town in northwest Pennsylvania boasting a county-wide population of around 4000.  There are no fast food restaurants and no stop lights.  Mainly, there are trees and clear skies.  It’s a great place to call “back home”.

Anyhow, I need help.  Something has gone drastically wrong and I think I have a problem.  So, as we drove into town on Friday night, I remembered that there are 3 cannons and a bell in the front yard of the county courthouse.  First thing Saturday (after it got warm enough so we wouldn’t get stuck), we all went to town and we licked them…we licked them all!

The real problem, however, is that I got my Mom in on it too!  The best part is…she works at the courthouse some and court was in session!  We had witnesses!

Really, it was a lot of fun showing the kids around town some and talking about stuff that I used to do as a kid (no, I didn’t tell them ALL the stuff I did).  I don’t know if they cared too much, but Isaac surely wanted to find more stuff to lick…I guess I am rubbing off on him some!