Rare glowing orb spotted in sky!

This is a great day! Here are some pics I took today of stuff that absolutely made my day!

Warm plus a horseshoe
Temperature is rising!

Bees are flying
Bees are flying!

Solar furnace is cranking!
Solar furnace is cranking!

Kids are dancing

(Note the  Steelers colors!)

This tree just rocks!
This tree just rocks!
Life doesn’t get much better!

7 thoughts on “Rare glowing orb spotted in sky!

  1. We had a heatwave up in The Mitten as well!!! 42! We haven’t been above 30 in FOREVAH!

    Steelers win!
    So I guess you are all doing the happy dance! Our house was divided.

  2. HeeHaw Steelers! Boo to the return of winter and the awful overcast day today! Still, I exposed my bald head to the glowing orb as much as possible yesterday!

  3. Love the solar furnace. Pretty cool.

    Mr Chiots and I enjoyed a nice long walk outside in the sun yesterday and today.

    I also heard back from my local beekeepers club about meetings & such. How exciting.

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