Fat Tuesday

Abigail came home from school yesterday and Emily asked her what she learned. “We learned about Mardi Gras mom”. Interesting..very interesting. My only real knowledge of Mardi Gras comes from the “oops moments” on the internet and from watching late night tv. Surely they don’t teach that in kindergarten.

So, I did a little research and here’s what I found…Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday and is the culmination of the celebration between the Twelfth Night Feast of the Epiphany (which begins January 6, when the three kings are supposed to have visited Jesus), and Ash Wednesday. Fat Tuesday occurs 47 days before Easter and the day before Ash Wednesday.

So Ash Wednesday is the first day of lent and got its name from the practice of placing ashes on the foreheads of believers as a sign of repentance in preparation for Easter.  Funny story here…we lived in Bowling Green, KY about 14 years ago. Bowling Green is just north of Nashville, the epicenter of Southern Baptist-dom. There were few folks in the area who were not Southern Baptist. Anyhow, we were in Wal Mart on Ash Wednesday and the person in front of us had ashes on his forehead. After checking him out, the cashier asked if we knew what that was all about. We tried to explain but we knew we were doomed after we told her it was a practice common in Catholicism. “What’s that?”, she said. “Some sort of new cult?”

So anyhow, Abigail talked about how folks usually give something up for lent. She asked what Emily was going to give up, to which Emily replied, “Chocolate”. “Ohh, that’s a good one Mom”. Emily asked her if she was going to give up anything. “I want to give up something extremely important to me…your sparkly eye shadow.” Emily replied, “But you hardly ever get to wear my sparkly eye shadow.” “But I love it so much…it will be very hard to give up!”  She decided to have one last hurrah before she abandons sparkly eye make-up for lent – what a trooper!

I think Isaac plans to give up farting on the cat. That seems more up his alley.  We don’t typically go too overboard for Mardi Gras, but I do have beads here…just sayin’

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  1. Years ago, when I worked at a credit union, a lady came in with ashes on her forehead. I did not think anything of it but evidently my co- worker knew nothing about Catholicism or Ash Wednesday. The teller did the transaction but kept staring at the customers head. Finally, she could not contain herself and reached for her compact mirror and her handy stash of wet wipes which she handed over to the customer and told her she forgot to wash her face that morning. “You have black stuff on your face. Here, use this! You better clean it off!” The customer tried to explain that it was okay, she had just come from her church. My co- worker then proceeded to tell her, “I don’t care which church you just came from but you better look for a church that isn’t so dirty!” No kidding. Scary thing is that I am still friends with this former co-worker.
    And about Isaac, who did he learn this trait from? Is this a hereditary trait you felt the need to pass along to your children? Again, what’s wrong with you? Ha he he

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  2. My son goes to Catholic school (the kids and I are Catholic – not sure if I will make it to the morning mass tomorrow). Anyway, the 5th grade (all 15 of them) are giving up chocolate for Lent. Lent can also be a season of penance, like instead of giving something up, you vow to attend daily Mass or volunteer at a soup kitchen once a week, that sort of thing. We also don’t eat meat on Fridays. It’s part of our cult! 🙂

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  3. Farting on the cat sounds like it could be dangerous. Maybe you should give Isaac a book of matches to ignite his farts with during Lent while the cat catches it’s breath.

  4. YD – we nearly laughed right at her but we tried to be respectful…tough!

    Seedspreader – it seems to sad to let something so cherished go, doesn’t it?

    Kim – she gives up sweets most years which really seems over the top to me…but she does it!

    Kris – yeah…I am giving up watermelon too!

    Cheesy – hard to believe what people will say..and esp when they are not so…well right. Great story!

    ETW – cool thought…I hadn’t considered doing something rather than giving up something…great info!

    June – He’d make you laugh out loud! He’s a nut…I doubt he’ll make it through w/o an occasionaly slip-up!

    GW – Oh, don’t worry…I intend to teach him the fine art…have no fear!

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