We had a storm blow through last night around 6pm which took out our power. When I was a kid, I lived in the woods so our power went out all the time (along with our well water) and often for days. I figured it would be a temporary glitch here as it usually is, but after an hour, the kids were pretty freaked out. Our house was still basically warm and we still had water but as of this morning, we still don’t have power. Apparently there are 15,000 or so residents in the county (and many in surrounding counties) without power.

Isaac still had to do his homework! Poor kid. The cool thing about it was that he was writing about Benjamin Franklin. He got a quick education in one aspect of life a couple hundred years ago!

This morning, the radio reported 70 mph winds which would not surprise me at all. One of my beehives was blown apart and into the field behind our house. Lots of limbs were down and there was junk everywhere…sort of like the first hard rain in the spring when all of the stuff people throw over the creek bed washes down to the river. Anyhow, I took some pics of our fun last night…

Us eating

Us Singing

Us dancing

There is only one thing that lights out is good for….

Sleeping! What did you think I was going to say? Anyhow, we held out until 9:30 or so and then went to bed!

19 thoughts on “Blowhard

  1. Whenever we lose electricity I start worrying about the meat in the freezer first! I would hate to lose a year’s worth of chicken, venison, goat, rabbit. Ergh! Will your bees come back eventually?

  2. Nice pics but I had to use a little enhancing on the last three, which causes me to ask a few questions:
    Is it normal in your house for you to eat off of everyones plate? And why is everyone but you using silverware? Oh and you really should wear a bib!
    Why are your wife and kids covering their ears while you sing?
    Were you listening to a diffent song than everybody else or do you always dance that way?

  3. Ok. I actually laughed out loud at the pictures from your evening. You’re a funny man!! HAHAHAHAHA
    We actually didn’t lose it at home much (couple times for a few seconds). But we were out at work yesterday for a few hours. Got to go home before the storm actually hit WOO HOO!!!

  4. Our electric went off at 3 am, and with all the beeping in the house from carbon monoxide detectors and phones we woke up. I’m glad it came back on this morning (otherwise no blogs – gasp).

    You guys look like quite the dancers!

    Chiot’s Run’s last blog post..You Know You’re a Gardener

  5. We were blowing around up here in the Mitten too! Didn’t lose power, but it did wake me up.

    I can’t decide if my favorite picture of your family is eating, singing, or dancing. I’m gonna say dancing!

    Capri Kel’s last blog post..Heat Wave

  6. Should have been in PA. We didn’t lose power but the wind kept me up most of the night. Flooding bad locally.

  7. I hope by now you have power back. We thought we were going to loose ours, but it never happened. Love the dancing pictures….

    Kris Bair’s last blog post..Mud

  8. Power came back on around 11 am today. We never opened the refrigerator and everything stayed cold so we didn’t lose anything somehow. Ice in the ice maker didn’t even melt! It is still a bit windy but nothing like last night. We always get it bad since we live on top of the tallest hill around. That’s the only reason the bee hives wee in trouble. Most times that wouldn’t be an issue! The frames from the hive were scattered over a 100′ path along with the hive bodies (the wooden boxes). At least it was sunny today!

  9. Gray wolf – I was hoping you wouldn’t be able to do a CSI-like photo enhancement, but yes, I do dance like that and I should wear a bib when I eat…I don’t need a napkin though, as long as I am wearing clothes when I eat (which is most of the time)

  10. LOVED the pics of the evening’s activities.
    Ours was out for three days almost to the hour.
    Wasn’t it nice and *quiet* while the power was out?
    And man those winds were loud and scary.
    Sorry about your bees 🙁 One of my bee-keeping club buddies called and warned about high winds, so I took a ratchet strap and tied my two hives down but good. Not sure they’d still be there had I not done that.

    Leslie’s last blog post..Power Outage

  11. Leslie – I meant to mention that in the post…it was so strange to hear almost nothing when the power was out…my ears were ringing from the silence…used to being constantly stimulated. It was weird but cool! I usually strap my hives together in the wind. We get it a lot and bad on our hilltop so I usually get to it early but I just didn’t this year…and I paid the price for it too!

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