My Dixie dream come true!

The WV car show came to town this weekend.  In general, I couldn’t really care less about new car models, horsepower, etc.  I mean, I like horsepower.  I used to like to drive fast until I got my first ticket.  That first (and last) ticket came in 1995 and cost me $155.  The cheapskate in me kicked in and I rarely speed any more.  It just costs too much.  Anyhow, I don’t read Car and Driver or Off-Road Hero or anything of the sort.  I like a car/truck/van to get me where I am going and that’s about all I care about (point of proof, I drive a man-van..the dreaded minivan…but it’s outfitted with XM Radio so I can blare the hottest hairband tunes from the 80s).

Anyhow, so I don’t care much about cars, but Friday was date night + kids…the extended version.  The kids got their report cards and they looked pretty great so we went to celebrate by eating at the local Japanses steak house.  Isaac and I especially like the part when the chef lays down a path of corn whiskey and sets the place ablaze for a moment.  Anyhow, normally on such a special night, we would finish dinner, then head to Sam’s and finally to the tastee-freeze to cap it all off!  Sam’s was too busy so we headed to Kroger where they happened to have  free tickets to the WV car show laying around…<ding>FREE TICKETS!</ding>  “Yes, I’d like 4 please, and hurry so we can still hit the tastee-freeze!”

We jumped in the man-van and headed downtown to check out the latest from Detroit.  Upon entering the door, what do my wonderous eye behold, but the General Lee…yes, THE General Lee.  Now, in case you don’t recall, I sort of have a thing for the Dukes of Hazzard .  Emily bought me the entire DVD collection of the Dukes for Christmas this year.  The Dukes rate second only to my M*A*S*H DVD collection.  My children mean almost as much to me as these collections.  Just kidding…anyhow, the kids and I (they are so awesome – the kids like the Dukes a lot too…we’ve been watching episodes  over and over…still on Season 1!) stood and drooled over the General for at least 10 minutes.  We didn’t speak.  We just had a connection.  It was 3 with the machine.  We were mere inches from my Dixie Dream!  I suppose there were other cars in the auditorium, but I had seen the promised land!

Us with the General Lee
I wish I had a better picture than this but the lighting was awful…still, I am proud to share this special moment with you!

11 thoughts on “My Dixie dream come true!

  1. Boy oh boy if only I’d have discovered your blog a couple of years ago… you could have come down with the family and I would have taken you to Cooter’s! Yes, the REAL Cooter had a place a few miles away that was wall to wall Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia and the General Lee was always there… in fact, sometimes there were SEVERAL General Lees and you could sit in them and get your picture taken and everything! You would have been beside yourself!
    Alas, Cooter decided to run for a senate seat or something and decided to close up shop.

  2. As I was reading this post, I was remembering driving by that place in Sperryville !!!!

    Mrs. Schmenkman was telling me the whole “Dukes” tale and all about the General Lee. WE SAW IT OUTSIDE!!!

    The extent of my knowledge of Hazzard stuff is the song “What Was I Thinking?” by Dierks Bently. The line “hood sliding like Bo Duke, what was I thinking?” That’s it.
    I know I am disappointing you.

  3. Caprilis – what you say can’t be true…there is only one General Lee! That was the toughest car ever…it jumped ramps over and over and never failed…there is only one! I still would have loved to see Cooter’s place. We used to live in Nashville and he had a place there but it was pretty commercial…we never visited.

    I did notice that I matched the General…it was a beautiful thing. I was worried you wouldn’t be able to see my face over the awesomeness of the car, but I am glad to see I was wrong.

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