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We got a bunch of new games for Christmas this year. We have been in an all out game playing marathon this week. I’ll give you a quick rundown on a few of them. Family game night has lots of options now! Anyhow, here is my impression of a few games…

Game night options

Apples to Apples – holy moley, this is an awesome game! Basically, each person gets 5 cards, each with a word. Each person puts down their card that most closely describes the “target word”. It’s a lot of fun…especially with small kids. For example, once the target word was cuddly. The submissions were basketball and lobster. As the judge, I had to decide which was most cuddly. Interesting game for sure!

Guess Who? – sort of like Clue with out the murder. You get 25 people and have to eliminate faces based on characteristics like eye color, beards, etc. We’ve had a bunch of fun with this one.  Abigail is a master!

Life, Pirates of the Caribbean edition – If you know the regular game of Life, you pretty well get this edition…just add a parrot on your shoulder and say “arrrrr” a lot more.  You pay in dubloons rather than dollars!

Dominoes – this has been our big time winner. We’ve played just under one million rounds of Mexican dominoes in several different variations over the past week. The kids have a fun time playing this although I think the adults (we’ve played with everyone) have had the most fun. I had no idea dominoes was actually a cool game!

Playing dominoes Playing dominoes

We are working hard to institute a regular family game night.  We play games a lot but I suppose as the kids get older that it will be more difficult.  I figure we’ll start a tradition now if we can and hope it sticks.  Do most people have a family-something night?

8 thoughts on “Just Playing Around

  1. That’s too cool. Board games are the best I think. We bought our middle daughter, Savannah, a game called Fact or Crap. Some one reads a card and you guess whether the statement is Fact or Crap. LOL It’s a lot of fun and everyone learns from it too. Check it out if ya get a chance, looks like the kind you guys would like.


  2. I LOVE GAMES!! I’ve played apples to apples once with my niece and nephew. It was a lot of fun. But I am partial to word games: boggle, scrabble, and the like. Those domino chips look fun to touch.

  3. The Evil Twin and our oldest (our son, who is 10) do “Friday Night Freakshow”, but it’s just as often a silly or funny movie as it is a scary one. And, I’m not talking about slasher-scary movies…the Evil Twin is a huge fan of the classic Universal monster movies from the 30s and such, so it’s usually something VERY tame. Our son has been watching those types of movies since he was very young and he knows the characters are just real people in make up and costumes.

    I figure as our 2nd child (a girl who is almost 3) gets a bit older, she and I will do “Girls Night Out” on Fridays and paint nails, etc. while the boys do their movie thing. 🙂

  4. We used to, then the older boys got bigger, got jobs, girlfriends, yadda, yadda, yadda. Now that Sweet Girl is 5 we are starting again, now we just have to keep Baby Boy from swallowing the game pieces!

  5. we love apples to apples too. This year we tried Settlers of Catan and could not stop playing! It was a bit pricey, but it is a game we will play over and over.

    Love the photo with everyone wearing the glasses, that’s ridiculous!

  6. Apples to Apples is a very fun game, my boys really like it! You got the Junior version though, that would suit them better I bet, haha!

    Scrabble, we have been playing Scrabble non-stop lately. And our Life game, is a Spongebob Squarepants version, gotta love it!

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