Forget Practical

I mentioned the other day that we went to the WV car show over the weekend.  My main purpose was to see the General Lee of course, but we did see a few other cars.  We aren’t immediately in need of another car, but Emily’s ride is 11 years old (but still kicking!).  We decided to just look around and see what tickled our collective fancies.  Emily has been checking out the ads for the Ford Mustang so we decided to take the floor model for a test-sit.  My hindparts fit very well in the passenger seat and Emily looked three kinds of hot in the driver’s seat.  The gas mileage doesn’t look too bad and the price is fairly reasonable (if we get the vinyl seats, AM radio and pass on the air conditioning).  I have always tended towards Corvettes but I can definitely see the four of us cruising to the tastee-freeze in a Mustang.   “Emily is sold on this thing!”, I thought to myself.  I can keep on driving the man-van with the promise of moments of glory here and there!

Something clicked and all of a sudden, my real wife returned.  “How will we haul all 17 of the kids’ friends in a mustang?  What about when I need to haul 16 feet of gutter?  Or what about…”, I tuned out.  Practical smactical.  We still have the man-van.  We can haul plywood and bees and kids in it.  We’ll still take it on long-drive vacations.  We can have the mustang for Friday night date night…though hauling loot from Sam’s might be a challenge in the mustang (that’s Friday night date night at our place).

Well, since my life is not my own, I spent the rest of the evening roaming through the great halls, stunned I suppose, looking at practical, suppository-shaped cargo carriers.  I want my wife to get a mustang.  I don’t need to drive it all the time.  I think she should.  Practical?  Forget practical!

14 thoughts on “Forget Practical

  1. OK…my advice. Go with your first gut instinct…the corvette! We own a ’61, no hubby owns a ’61 vette and it is just too much fun for words to drive around in! A mustang will never and can never replace a corvette in a man’s life!

    BTW, I drive a mini van with 260,000 miles on it, classy huh?

  2. I agree with Inadvertentfarmer, go with the Corvette! If you want a mustang, go with the 1960’s mustang.

    I drive a pick-up truck.

  3. My real plan is to keep the man van for traveling, hauling, etc. I’d like Emily to get a mustang and then I’ll get a somewhat old corvette. I honestly don’t think we could get a new vette up our hill. The old ones seem to sit a good bit higher. Anyhow, I just need time to work my master plan!

  4. OK let me be that irritable voice of reason… I used to drive a Stealth when we moved here to Viginia… first time it snowed… got stuck on a hill with only a half inch of ice on it… result… blown engine. You live in the hills… get a 4×4 something!
    My friend has one of the new Mustangs… sez it isn’t worth a hoot in even the tiniest bit of snow.
    Sorry, I’m Miss practical… especially after my recent unfortunate incident.

  5. Caprilis – I debated that too…I tried to sell Emily on the Porshe Cayenne…suv+sprts car in one! It was a no go…something about the poor house, kids’ education, sleeping on the couch…I don’t get it!

  6. What I really want to get is an old Jeep Wagoneer, but with 10 mpg – I just can’t bring myself to buy it. I remember my great grandparents having one and riding in it up to the farm and also riding in the back with the deer carnage. What great childhood fun (although I’ll pass on the deer carnage now).

  7. Luckily, we still have a few years to debate this issue. I figure we’ll always have a man-van and I am mostly content with that so long as I get to treat it like a truck. I figure we’ll need to look into a 4WD sometime too. If I ever hit the lottery though…

  8. We are seriously considering a *previously owned* limo. Hey it’s California! We love the idea of making it extra classy with our Costco run date nights, and popping open the sunroof to haul fruit trees.

  9. Natalie – you gotta do that! My brother bought a firetruck for groceries and power washing his drive. I haven’t decided on anything specific yet, but I’d love a unique vehicle too!

  10. I want to know did you see the new Camaro?

    Natalie, we saw a Cadillac Limo the other day made into a 4 x 4! You wouldn’t get stuck in the snow and you could haul people and hardware store goodies! 🙂

  11. Throwback – we saw the camaro but we couldn’t touch. It looked pretty nice from the front but I didn’t like the rear too much. It looked like a knock-off of the saturn sky. Now don’t get me wrong…I would drive either a camaro or a sky, but if I were shopping, I would have a vette or mustang over the camaro. The dodge challenger was very nice too…very expensive and very gas-hoggy, but very pretty

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