Finished in the bathroom

Nasty old bathroom

When I first started this blog, I mentioned the bathroom on the top floor of our house.  During my vacation around Christmas-time 2007 (yes, 2007!), we decided to tear out everything in the bathroom and start over.  The house was built in 1939, but I am pretty certain that the bathroom had been there since 1743.  Anyhow, we pulled out what appeared to be 265 year old nasty and started over.  Of course, nothing in the room (or the house for that matter) is level or square.  Welcome Warren to the story.

Nasty old bathroom Nasty old bathroom

We had installed bamboo flooring in our place in TN and had a box of it left which we brought to WV when we moved.  Of course, I measured and determined that we needed one more box…rats.  So we ordered one more box and started about re-flooring the bathroom in bamboo.  If any of you have ever installed solid wood floor, you know it is pretty easy – if you have a level and square area in which to lay it.  No such luck in our place.  Actually, it is still not hard, even with a mobius strip-like room…it just takes a little longer.  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Bathroom nirvana!

So last weekend, I finally finished the last of the work in the bathroom.  That’s right, a mere 393 days later and the bathroom is finished!  Now the floor got installed in one day, but I had to wait a year to…uh…make sure it settled properly.  It is such an incredible improvement over what we had.  As I looked back over the pictures of the original, I am shocked…mainly shocked at how awesome I am for fixing it!  Well, actually, I am shocked at how awesome my wife is for living in the craziness until we got it done!  Bathroom nirvana!

I guess I am on a cute little program kick the last few days, but here is a program that will tell you the number of days between 2 dates or the date a certain number of days from today.  That’s how I knew how long it took me to get the bathroom finished!  Anyhow, as always, this program is free, but not to be used for anything but fun.

12 thoughts on “Finished in the bathroom

  1. Nice! Your wife is a woman of patience, sounds like you guys make a great match! 😉 Are you on facebook? (Not that I think that’s where you’ve been these 393 days) but I saw a pic there the other day of a folicular challenged guy named warren doing the classic thumbs up pose and wondered to myself….just how many are there out there?!?

  2. One bathroom down, two to go. I’m hoping for 1 a year but that may be pushing it with all the other “projects” Warren gets into. I must say, it was worth the wait.

  3. GREAT JOB !!! The bathroom looks wonderful. Did I mention that you done a great job too?? Man I hope your wife pays you by the hour, you go the cash then brother. lol


  4. Thanks for the compliments…we are pretty happy with it too. The bad thing is that we have two more that are in need of work as well!

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