Daily Archives: January 20, 2009

I had to spit on him

A few months ago, we got a new cat Mohinder.  Our other cat Madeline is pretty well trained to stay off of tables and counters.  It could be that she’s old and too bitter to jump, but I prefer to think of it as her getting a proper upbringing in a loving home.  Anyhow, Mohinder is a much younger, testosterone-fueled cat (though he must have an alternate source as his normal testosterone makers are no longer in his possession).  He’s starting to get that stubble on his chin typical of a male going through puberty.  

So, we’ve made training Mo a family affair.  We keep a water bottle around to squirt him when we catch him doing something teenager-like.  Speaking of that, have any of you with teens tried a water bottle for training?  Isaac is only 4 years from it and I am already preparing my passport so I can exit the country. 

Well, we have been progressing along pretty well and Mo is pretty bright as cats go.  Isaac was so proud awhile back and had to tell me of his efforts in training Mo.  Apparently Mo was on the dining room table.  Isaac caught him but did not have the spray bottle handy.  Being a resourceful bugger, Isaac came up with the only water he had available.  He told me, “Dad, I had to spit on him.  It was the only water I had.”  Now let me tell you, I look at our dining room table with a more cautious eye and thank my lucky stars that Mo was not doing something wrong in the bathroom!