Daily Archives: January 6, 2009

A Party in my Mouth

Tahitian Treat - a party in my mouth!

I was leaving a comment on a post over at the Inadvertent Farmer and mentioned how I love Tahitian Treat.  Poor Kim, the blog author, did not know of Tahitian Treat.  It’s only the most awesome drink in the universe!  I like to describe it as a party in my mouth!  I even like it more than my beloved Mt Dew!

So, this got me thinking of other things that are like a party in my mouth.

-Nerds Candy…really any Willy Wonka candy

-Caramel creams candy

-Cadbury creme eggs (available only at Easter…what a shame)

-Southern Comfort egg nog (available only at Christmas…what a shame)

-Homemade truffles

-Oreo cheesecake

My parents seem to think that they remember my loving deer liver.  That is example #1 of things that are not a party in my mouth.  Also on that list – lima beans, beets, and spaghetti (a bad incident in ’96 – don’t ask).

Tahitian Treat - a party in my mouth!

Isn’t it funny how food can mean different things to different people?  My parents still eat nasty old deer liver and they love it.  I cannot be in the same building with it.  I was thinking about how this blog started…mostly talking about food.  The garden was in full swing in the summer and I was so excited about our food, that I had to blog about it.  With winter, we aren’t making much of our own (though we harvested something this week and I’ll write more later) so I am almost without direction in my blogging.  I am satisfied with writing about goofy stuff that we get into but I miss writing about sunflowers or  corn or peppers or whatever.  Food, besides being necessary to keep my pleasant demeanor in tact, is just so fun!