No hair…hair…no hair…ear hair

Warren - age 1 or so!

A long time ago in a state not so far away…yeah, well that’s it for the Star Wars bit.  I was born a number of years ago but you’ll have to do some research to figure out how old I am…

  • The number of holes in the mouthpiece of a telephone is <my age>
  • In a “3-4-5” right triangle, the small angle is approximately <my age> degrees
  • “Les Miserables” has a cast of <my age>
  • There are <my age> U.S. Federal Reserve Banks
  • William Shakespeare wrote <my age> plays
  • Hannibal brought <my age> elephants with him on his conquest of Rome

So, I have no idea if I was born with or without hair, but I know I had it for some period of my younger years.  I had hair for about 25 or so years and then I decided to shave it all off.  Warren - with HAIR!

For awhile, that was pretty cool because I shaved it before other people were shaving their heads.  At that time, I was too young to be “old man bald” but my kind of bald was cool.  About a year or 3 ago, my follicular karma caught up with me and I started sprouting hair in my ears.  It isn’t fair!

Anyhow, it’s my birthday today so I will tell you a few odd things about myself.  Apparently I was to be named Jedidiah (hey, that’s almost Jedi!) but when I was “out”, my parents though I looked like my Dad so they named me Warren instead.

Warren - and little brother - Easter best!

I was almost continually sick as a child.  I had pneumonia many times and rheumatic fever once before I got through 3rd grade.  My illness made me exceptionally handsome…I am still plagued by it!

I remember my absolute favorite pair of shoes…it was in first grade.  May parents got me a pair of green gum boots.  I wore them to school…all day long…every day.  I also loved western shirts more than any other style.

Seriously, though, time has surely flown but I can’t imagine being any other place or with any other people!

Oh yeah, here’s my source for the strange ways to get my age.

By the way, here is a family tradition we enjoy.  We call it happy birthday – loud and proud!


15 thoughts on “No hair…hair…no hair…ear hair

  1. On December 2, 71 it was warm where we were. Went to the hospital with a light weight jacket on. Dad was calm and Grandma was concerned we wouldn’t get to the hospital (only 3 minutes from our house) on time. And oh yes, you did have hair then and lots of it. Happy Birthday my first born. Mom

  2. It’s your day!!

    You were a cute little one!

    What is it about new shoes and footwear at that age… Around that same age, I can remember getting a new pair of socks and refusing to take them off for months.

    And thanks for giving the hint about your age. I was not looking forward to counting my phone holes…or doing math!!

  3. Thanks everyone! I am going to really celebrate my birthday this weekend! Still, I had a pretty good time messing around teasing my wife about not having a special dinner, etc. I guess I sort of suck (ask her, she’ll tell you), but it was my birthday afterall!

  4. CRIPES, I was halfway through my senior year when you were born, BUMMER!

    Well anyway, like, Happy Birthday, DUDE! And party hardy.

    BTW it’s not ear hair, it’s a molecular heat sink for a overheated crainium!

  5. WOW Grey wolf…I mean sir…respecting my elders and all! I had a great eat tonight…we went to my favorite tex-mex place and spent too much money…it was great!

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