Homemade fun!

Painting Christmas ornaments!

Painting Christmas ornaments!

The kids were helping their grandparents decorate their tree last weekend when we all noticed the old ornaments Emily and her brother had made in school.  Several were hand-painted and had pictures of them through the years.  I don’t know if all schools stopped doing that or just the ones we have been in but we don’t have any homemade ornaments and even fewer than none with pictures of the kids.  We couldn’t let that continue so we had project night at our house this weekend.  Painting Christmas ornaments!

Emily’s folks found some wooden ornaments that just happened to have a space in the middle to accommodate wallet sized pictures.  We had just finished having Christmas pictures taken at a local department store and we had the disc with the copies.  I printed out a bunch of copies and we had some good old fashioned fun painting and otherwise decorating the ornaments.

Painting Christmas ornaments!

I wear a black leather jacket typically.  I had hung it over the chair in the dining room this weekend (well, truth be told, I hang it there every day).  The kids were dancing around and painting, having fun, etc.  I didn’t notice until the paint was dry, but someone did battle with my coat using a green paintbrush.  Take a moment to find a zen place, Warren…the paint is water based and washable and came right off luckily!

So, all is well. We now have some homemade ornaments with current pictures hot-glued in place.  We had a good time messing around with family and I have a significantly scrubbed, much cleaner coat.  It was certainly good homemade fun!

Painting Christmas ornaments!

Painting Christmas ornaments!

We hot glued ribbons to the top to hang them on the tree.  It’s sort of funny but we decided that the kids don’t really look like either of us when we were kids.  Of course, my kids are much cuter than we were!


5 thoughts on “Homemade fun!

  1. Sounds like our house that is the leather coat going to battle with a green paint. After the kids paint I’ always finding paint where it don’t belong.

  2. Now you have had kids long enough to know better than to leave anything you even slightly care about laying around. You deserve your green paint…wear it with pride, lol!

    I love crafty grandparents, great project!

  3. We had a good time making these. We were pretty ill all weekend and the grandparents did a great job of stepping in to help on Saturday including master-minding this project!

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