Summer home…or my new shed

Start of the shed

Our house is pretty fair sized but is seriously lacking in storage…especially “dirty storage”.  Most of our basement is finished and the unfinished part is small so I have no place for my air compressor, turkey fryer and shop vac.  We have an outdoor shed but it was pretty small too.  I have been threatening to build a shed and Emily finally called my bluff a few weeks ago.  We decided to make the new shed sort of match the old.

Walls going up

I figured that I am as likely as not to have to spend one or more nights in it so I decided to add some nicer features to the new shed.


Most notably is the addition of a “sun roof”.  Most of the thing is roofed with galvanized metal but one section across the back is covered with polycarbonate that one would use in a greenhouse.  It matches in pattern with the metal so they make a great weather-proof joint.  It’s amazing how nice it is to have light enough to see the shovel falling off the wall rack and headed for your mellon!

Sunroof in my shed!

Emily’s granddad helped me get the floor and walls in place and Emily helped me get the rafters and roof up as well as the siding hung.  She painted the last bits of it this weekend so I can move in…I mean, I can move my stuff in!

Finished shed!

I don’t think my kids learned too many new words on this project so I’d call it a success!


4 thoughts on “Summer home…or my new shed

  1. I really just want a urinal! I know it won’t work with two females in the house, but in my man-cave, I think it would be a pretty cool feature. I wouldn’t even need a sign, “No Girlz allowed”…I think that would take care of itself!

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