Stick Man

Shape man

Abigail has been learning about shapes in kindergarten.  I remember (somewhat) kindergarten where we learned about circles and squares and triangles.  So we started talking about shapes and a plan she had to build a “shape man” for Halloween.  She listed the shapes we needed, “1 triangle, 1 hexagon, 2 parallelograms and 2 trapezoids.”  “Excuse me?”, I said.  Yup, she had an entire plan worked out on paper with the shapes she named.


Shape man

I had to follow through with this so we worked on how to use a straight-edge to make proper shapes and then I cut them out of cardboard.  She drew most of the shapes so they weren’t perfect but we cut them out as she drew them.  We glued sticks we found in the yard to the back of the cardboard to hold the pieces together properly.  Sure enough, we had created a shape man (or, to credit my contribution, a stick man).

Shape man

She painted him and has plans for another before Halloween.  I am still amazed at her knowing about these exotic (for a kindergartner, anyhow) shapes.  Kindergarten has changed a lot (and a lot for the better in most cases, I think), since I was in that position!


5 thoughts on “Stick Man

  1. Just think our my generation feels when we hear this we didn’t learn about trapizoids until high school. We didn’t even have kindergarten and didn’t learn to read until second grade.

  2. Very cute! I especially like the decorative painting!

    Kindergarten has changed tons. All I can remember from Kindergarten is show-and-tell and learning how to put on a smock! Can you even imagine what it will be like when they get to high school? Will they be writing their 100 page thesis in their sophomore year? Geez. Well, they should be all set if they’re starting them out with trapezoids in Kindergarten!

  3. I love these pictures! The children look so happy and healthy!

    I’m so glad that you found my blog again! You have some catching up to do then! A lot has happened since we switched to the new blog. And I’ve started writing a story, of all things.

    Welcome, friend! It’s wonderful to see you again!


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