Introducing… the bottle opener

a humble bottle opener

Emily and Isaac were getting some stuff at the grocery store this weekend.  As they walked past the Mexican-food section, Isaac noticed single bottles of coke.  He asked Emily, “What is that?”  He had never seen real Coke in a bottle.  Of course, as a kid, I remember the carts of returnable bottles at the grocery store, hauling them back to get our deposit refunded, and getting to “pop the top”.

tongue out!
My poor kids had never experienced any of those things.  Isaac asked if he could get a bottle and try it and Emily obliged.  When they checked out, it rang up as “Mexican Coke”.  We got to looking and the stuff was actually bottled in Mexico and was made with real sugar rather than corn syrup.  Anyhow, they were pretty proud of the product as it cost $1.79 for a single 355ml (maybe 12 oz?) bottle.

Hard work!

Still, they brought one home and chilled it for several hours for the proper experience.  We then brought forth the mystic bottle opener and gave them a quick lesson in mechanics and physics.  It was pretty hilarious to watch Isaac “pop the top” and he certainly enjoyed the drink.

Worth it!

Most importantly, he approved of the burping experience produced by “Mexican Coke” in a bottle.

4 thoughts on “Introducing… the bottle opener

  1. Here’s one for you. When I was a kid you could buy Coke syrup for an upset stomach in the drug store or local confectionary. . What’s up with that. It was pretty awful.

  2. That’s a funny face expression… hehe. It’s funny how we can see something and suddenly feel nostalgic about it.

    That’s a nice shed you guys built. Enjoyed the soccer pictures too… I played for a few years and loved it. My dad helped to coach it once. 🙂


  3. It was so funny…I was jealous of Isaac’s bottle of coke that I went and got another for myself. I pad another $1.79 just so I could drink out of a bottle too. Stupid but it was a cool reliving of being younger!

    Thanks, Ron, for the complement onthe shed. It has given us so much more room for stuff. The best part is that we can now get to the stuff that we need to give away. That’s the next order of business. Getting rid of stuff!

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