Bigfoot sighting!

Isaac's feet compared to the solar system

Isaac seems to have a way of destroying shoes.  I don’t really know what it is about him.  My Dad used to fuss at me for dragging my feet, “When you’re buying shoes, you can walk how you want…until then, pick up you feet!”  I was all prepared to fuss at my kids in the same fatherly way…but Isaac doesn’t drag his feet.  Still, he destroys his shoes.  On Monday, Emily took Isaac to get new shoes.  She started off at a local department store.  It turns out my 8-year old son wears an adult size 8 1/2 shoe.  Emily asked the attendant to bring forth their very cheapest 8.5 sneaker.  In response, they brought out a pair of shoes valued at $145.  Obviously they valued them more than we did.  He’ll need a new pair in 3-6 months no matter what they cost.  My crew finally ended up at a chain store and found a pair that were reasonably priced and stylish.

Ok, but seriously, an adult size 8.5 shoe on an 8-year old…he clears a path…mothers grab small children out of the way when he walks by.  The US Geological survey calls when he jumps rope.  It’s crazy.  My son is Sasquatch!

7 thoughts on “Bigfoot sighting!

  1. Like puppies they grow into their big feet, sort of. My 12 year old girl just got a pair of size 11 ladies shoes, what the?? I’m only a 7.

  2. I agree with Kris Bair…wait till he gets older. I remembered trying to looking for size 12 Ladies shoes for my step-daughter when she was 11 years old(6 years ago)!!! That was tough! Now she just finds her own.
    It is still tough buying size 13 shoes and socks for my husband.

  3. I am scared as Isaac’s uncle and grandfather wear size 14 or something…Emily wears a size 10 in men’s shoes also (I can only remember that since it’s what I wear…not sure what that equals in women’s size). She typically just buys whatever the store has whether or not she needs it. It’s so rare she finds shoes that fit…He’s tall for his age also so I suspect he’s going to be big. Amazing considering he was born 2 months early and was very tiny!

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