Preschooler no more

Abigail at birth

Today is Abigail’s last day as a preschooler.    It seems like she was just born yesterday and here she is, about to enter kindergarten.  Isaac was born under stressful circumstances, 2 months early.  His birth was so odd…no waking up in the middle of the night, no throwing the suitcase in the trunk and heading to the hospital.  We just wanted him to survive (which he did of course!)  His birth was incredibly special, but I sort of wanted to wake up to labor pains, water breaking, scurrying around in the middle of the night, etc.  Abigail’s birth was scheduled since we were an at-risk pregnancy so I figured that we just wouldn’t have that experience.  Two days before she was scheduled to be born, she came the old fashioned way.  Emily woke and said it was time to go.  We couldn’t leave for the hospital, however, before she vacuumed the house, took a shower and painted her nails…at midnight or a little after.  Abigail’s birth was normal and perfect…and it seems like just yesterday.  My baby girl is about to start kindergarten.  She is no longer a preschooler.  I can’t believe it!  I just can’t believe it.  What happened to my baby?!
Abigail at 2 Abigail at 4

She is ready for school.  She is excited for school.  She already knows so much but wants to learn so much more.  I wish I was a little more ready.  I guess that’s what kids do…they move parents forward.
Abigail at 5
They make us keep growing.  I never knew why my parents were so strange…I think I understand now.  Growing up can be mighty tough on a mom and dad.

6 thoughts on “Preschooler no more

  1. love that line “they move parents forward.” Great post warren, and what a cutie pie you havetoo. Love that last picture, she does look so grown up!

  2. hehe, yeah, kids growing up sure does make parents strange. 🙂 It’s clear that you are mighty proud of your little girl. I hope the next phase is even better than the last for you guys.


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