Isaac Flying!

Isaac getting ready to fly!

Our cousin “B” took Isaac flying last week while he was visiting in PA.  “B” was a pilot before he was a licensed driver and was absolutely great showing Isaac how everything worked and letting him really experience the flight.  Last year, Isaac flew with “B” but would not sit in the front seat.  This year when “B” offered, Isaac jumped at the chance to sit up front.  In fact, Isaac was able to do a lot more that just sit up front.Isaac in control!

Isaac likes to cut up a bit but Grandma said she had never seen him so serious as when he first touched the controls.

Grandma...hold on!

Once they got off the ground, the pilot and the “pilot” flew for about and hour and fifteen minutes and were able to see how the plane reacted to the controls.  Grandma was even able to keep her eyes uncovered for the entire time!

The view from above!

Even through the haze, the views were fantastic.  It surely is beautiful country, especially from the sky!

At the controls!

This is my favorite picture of the event!  Isaac has his eye on where he wants to go

Captain Patterson back on the ground

Back safely on the ground “B” gives Isaac his “wings”.  “How old do you have to be to learn to fly Dad?” was the first thing I heard when we talked about his flight.  I wonder that too…it’s about time we had another hobby, right Emily?


5 thoughts on “Isaac Flying!

  1. I have no problems with additional hobbies – just the additional money it requires to have them!

  2. What a great experience for Isaac. He looks like he had a life-molding experience. It’s nice to have cousins!

    I really enjoy your blog. My dad wasa a beekeeper and has stories about swarms and all the fun of “bee collecting.”

  3. Kim- I was pretty young when my cousin took my flying the first time. He was also a helicopter pilot so we go to ride in that too. e landed at my granparents house and took us for rides. Anyhow, I am so excited that Isaac had so much fun. He’s flown lots on commercial planes as well…more than I ever did at his age. We used to live farther from family so had to fly to see them. We have since remedied that situation!

    Don- Thanks! I am glad you like the blog. I have had a lot of fun beekeeping and love to talk to anyone who will listen. I figured this might be a better way to talk about all the fun I have with them. I am sure there is more to come!

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