First Day of School!

Ready for school 2008

School is back in session.  Where has the summer gone?!  Isaac was not exactly excited to get back to school though he mentioned that he did miss seeing some of his friends.  I think he is secretly excited but didn’t want to admit it.  I suppose this might be the year when he starts saying one thing when he really means another.  We have to keep up an appearance afterall!  Anyhow, Abigail is excited to start but is pretty timid about it all too.  Ready for school 2008

She asked me to go over what she is supposed to do when she gets to school, where she is supposed to go, how far I will walk her and for how many days.  It’s pretty sweet but pretty scary for me too!
I asked the kids a few questions this morning about their first day of school.  Take a second and listen to what they had to say…

[audio:] [audio:]

5 thoughts on “First Day of School!

  1. Ha! Even at 28.8 kbps, I had to download that clip. 🙂 Kids are so great. I just love how transparently they see the world, without all the complicated layers us adults have accumulated. “I want to be a firefighter” “I love ponies” Those are real golden memories, man. 🙂

    That campfire pic and story got me hankerin’ for one myself. The nights are finally getting cool enough. Can’t wait. 🙂


  2. Erica – believe me, I had a hard time getting them to not be goofy! They had great days though and are still enjoying things. Both said they had nice teachers so I think we’ll be fine. Abigail got her forst note from a teacher which said she was “delightful”! I hope we keep that up!

    Ron – sorry the quality wasn’t a little better but I like the idea of hearing what they plan to be across years. Things are still clear to them in many areas where things are unclear to us. I love hearing it and want to have something to prove to them what they thought when they were younger…they’ll never believe it!

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