Rain? Water?

We went swimming with some friends at the Charleston Tennis Club today. We’d never been to their facilities before but the pool area is very nice. Anyhow, about 15 minutes after we got there, we heard thunder and had to clear the pool. We grabbed some snacks and decided to wait it out. We tried the water again and were cleared by thunder before our teeth began to chatter. At the end of this storm, a young hawk flew in and landed on the diving board. We were able to walk to within arms length of it which was pretty neat. Eventually, he just flew off and we hit the pool again. A third round of thunder came through and we decided to heard for the house. Somehow we were able to get sunburned so it wasn’t a total wash. Speaking of wash, we couldn’t when we got home. The feeder line that serves our road was leaking like crazy. The water company was able to fix it pretty quickly but we were without water for an hour or two. Water was our problem today!

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