Tonight we harvested the Music garlic we planted last October. I ordered Music, Hardy German, and Chesnock Red varieties of garlic from Seed Savers Exchange last fall. I had no idea there were different varieties of garlic. I figured that there was just the white stuff from the grocery store…little did I know! So, we planted several types figuring we’d decide what we like by taste!

Last fall, we opened the garlic bulbs and separated the cloves. Each clove gets planted and will develop into its own head of garlic by the next summer. The three varieties we got are hard-necked varieties (in honor of my wife…wait, she’s stiff-necked). I have no idea how they differ from soft-necked varieties aside from their necks. Anyhow, all-told, we planted about 45-50 cloves and each produced. We have a lot of garlic. Fortunately, we love it and eat a lot too. Over the course of the year, we will likely eat every bit of it.

The cool thing is that we will save our best bulbs of the types we like and plant them again this fall!