Another reason I love to live in Charleston, WV

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law were out of town this weekend so we agreed to let their dog out during the day.  Of course, it rained off and on all weekend and we had to let the dog in and out according to the storm schedule.  The nice thing is, we live 1 minute from them. 

Last night we played cards with Emily’s mom and dad while the kids messed around and watched movies, etc.  A storm popped up so I ran over to put the dog back in.  The dog was 1 minute from Emily’s folks’ place too.  Things are just closer here.  We used to live near Nashville, TN and nothing was close…or even if it was close, there was too much traffic to “get there” in a reasonable amount of time.  We could see the grocery store from our first apartment in TN but it sometimes took us 1/2 hour to get there.  In Charleston, life is just easier.  We have most of the same things as any other city but it’s easier to “get there” from here.  But more importantly than being close to stuff, is being close to people…we’re closer to family and friends here.

3 thoughts on “Another reason I love to live in Charleston, WV

  1. Hey, nice digs! Liking the blog–didn’t realize you had turned into such a gardener. I’ll have to pick your brain–ours keep failing miserably, probably because we’re lazy :~)

  2. Yep, I agree the country is just nice. I have been taking Lily fishing to kinda get a way from the busy stuff. I’ll send you her first catch of the year.

    I am trying to grow some tomatoes and some squash. I have one green tomato that is about the size of a marble. A small success I suppose. The plants are certainly growing. I just don’t have anything to show for it yet.

  3. Hey, y’all. We have been working with Emily’s grandparents in their plot and have really gotten in to it. We’ll eat pretty regularly out of it through the summer and can most everything we can so we can eat through the year. I love it!

    We get the soil analyzed by the extension office each year and they can recommend additives, changes, etc. Usually nothing needs added so it’s easy. I bet TN does the same though if you want to try that.

    I ate another red respberry this morning…it was really really good!

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